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What im looking for/types of blogs etc (idk man) 
  • a lovely theme
  • great posts
  • nice blogger
  • photography/misc blogs
  • and fandom blogs (doesn’t have to be sherlock)
  • if u post ben c u have a good chance, cause i like that actor fellow
Winners will receive:
  • A link in my updates tab for the season
  • promos whenever you wish (but like be reasonable)
  • a follow back (if not already following)
  • my eternal love
Runner Ups will receive:
  • A link in my updates tab for the season
  • 2 promos
  • + follow
  • mbf me (i will check)
  • this closes on 1st of September
  • Reblogs only, likes do not count
  • i will choose 1 winner for each kinda category thingo (as i said idk man) for places on my updates tab
  • Must reach a decent amount of notes (like 20 would be nice, or this never happened)

get reblogging!!


Taylor had this bar with all sorts of alcohol just sitting out, so when it was almost time to leave I walked up to Taylor and I was like “hey Taylor can we take a shot before we leave?!” And she was like “ooh like a Polaroid??” And I was like “no like a shot shot. I saw all of that alcohol over there…let’s take a shot!” And she like pushed my shoulder and laughed out loud and was like “hahaha no…that would be great for the rumors wouldn’t it?!”

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